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Basic Dog Training

How does your dog sit when you tell him to and mine doesnt,”, How can your dog heel to you like that,”, Wow! He comes when you tell him to – Sounds familiar, If it does, you need to invest some time into a little bit of basic dog training. Starting to train your dog […] Read more

Boxer Dog Training

The Boxer is an amazing dog and is extremely playful, energetic and definitely a handful (in a good way of course). This breed if dog is extremely loyal and when a friendship is built it lasts forever. The boxer is very unique and not for everyone, if youre a new owner of a boxer you […] Read more

Clicker Dog Training

The newest dog training craze is clicker dog training. A clicker is a small rectangular plastic box with a metal button on top that clicks, hence the name clicker. Its the type of training that the dog decides whether or not it suits him. There have been a lot of success stories with clickers, but […] Read more

Dog Obedience Training

Getting frustrated that your dog jumps up on people when you are visiting friends, Cant understand why your dog runs away from you at the park while everyone elses happily comes back, The simple answer is have you tried dog obedience training, It is simple, effective and very fun to do if you have the […] Read more

Dog Puppy Training

A new puppy in the home excites everyone especially children but make sure you got the puppy for a good reason and not just on a spur of the moment feeling. Like they say dogs are for life not just for Christmas. A puppy can bring lots of happy memories and times but they have […] Read more