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Dog Behaviour Training

Bad behaviour in dogs can consist of many problems. Does he bark all night long and keeps you from sleeping, Are you afraid he is going to keep biting, Does he chew everything except his toys, If the answer to any of these questions are yes you need to invest some time into a little […] Read more

Dog House Training

When scolding your dog for doing the toilet on the carpet remember that we were once young and did not use the proper toilet either. Your dog needs to be house trained, and this can be done in a few easy steps, but over a long period of time. Dog house training may be one […] Read more

Dog Kennel Training

There is great controversy about dog kennel training. Many believe that cages, kennels and crates are todays answer to quick convenient punishment. Although not as much controversy as there is about dog collars that choke a dog and give them electric shocks. Many dogs find comfort in their own place and some find quite strange […] Read more

Dog Obedience Training

Getting frustrated that your dog jumps up on people when you are visiting friends, Cant understand why your dog runs away from you at the park while everyone elses happily comes back, The simple answer is have you tried dog obedience training, It is simple, effective and very fun to do if you have the […] Read more

Dog Puppy Training

A new puppy in the home excites everyone especially children but make sure you got the puppy for a good reason and not just on a spur of the moment feeling. Like they say dogs are for life not just for Christmas. A puppy can bring lots of happy memories and times but they have […] Read more